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  • Do you provide contraceptives?
    No. We do not provide contraceptives or contraceptive services. However, we encourage you to talk with your Primary Care Doctor about contraceptive needs.
  • Can I get an abortion there?
    Although we do not perform or refer you for abortion, we can verify your pregnancy. We do this by first giving you a urine-grade medical pregnancy test followed by an ultrasound if eligible. This information allows you to know how far along you are in your pregnancy. If you are considering an abortion, verifying that the pregnancy is in the uterus is essential. When taking the abortion pill, the symptoms can be similar to an ectopic pregnancy which could be life-threatening if you do not seek immediate medical attention. It is also essential to rule out STDs to avoid potential medical complications. For more information about what to do before having an abortion, visit our blog.
  • What medical services do you provide?
    All medical services are free, including pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, STI/STD testing, and limited STI/STD treatment. Our Medical Professionals perform all testing under orders from a licensed physician. We also provide referrals for situations that are beyond our scope of services. Request an appointment here or call 409-898-4005.
  • How much does an appointment cost?
    All appointments and services at Hope Women's Resource Clinic are entirely free; this is made possible through the generous support of individuals and organizations. Request an appointment here or call 409-898-4005.
  • What do I need for my appointment?
    Once you've scheduled your appointment, you'll receive a couple of text messages from us. You will receive the first message 2-3 days before your appointment; this message requires a response to confirm your appointment. The following message you receive will have two links. Please complete the forms on both the links provided before arriving. When you arrive for your appointment, you will need the following: Photo ID (if you do not have one, you can still attend your appointment) Full bladder (do not urinate 1 hour before your appointment, start hydrating the day before) Food in your stomach (eat before you arrive, especially if you are receiving STI/STD testing) All services are at no cost to you; you do not need to present any insurance (including Medicaid).
  • Will anyone find out about my appointment?
    No. Your visit is protected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) because your privacy is our top priority. We follow the national standards and never disclose your visit or personal health information without your permission. View our Privacy Policies.
  • Will I receive official documentation for my appointment?
    Yes. Our Medical Professionals will provide proof of positive or negative pregnancy: an official document you can use for insurance/Medicaid purposes. In addition, we can give you a form to verify your appointment with us should you need proof for your employer/school. We can also offer referrals for other services you may need regarding your pregnancy/non-pregnancy.
  • Can I bring someone with me?
    Yes. We want everyone who comes through our doors to feel comfortable, so guests are welcome. However, your guest will remain in the waiting room due to privacy policies, as we meet with you first. After this step, your guest will be welcome to join you for the rest of your appointment. You are not required to bring anyone with you, no matter the situation.
  • How do I know if I am pregnant?
    If you are sexually active, you can become pregnant, regardless of whether you use contraceptive methods. While a missed period is the most common pregnancy symptom, there are several additional symptoms you may experience, including: Fatigue/tiredness Headaches Swollen/tender breasts Nausea/morning sickness Frequent urination Mood swings Spotting/light bleeding Schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test by filling out this request or by calling 409-898-4005.
  • Do you do blood work for pregnancy?
    No. Our urine pregnancy testing can detect the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) as early as seven days after conception or 21-24 days after the first day of your last period. However, we recommend calling to schedule an appointment after your period is three days or more late for the most accurate results. Our tests are over 99% accurate. We only perform urine pregnancy tests; blood work is performed with our STI/STD panel but does not test for pregnancy. If you would like to speak with one of our Medical Professionals about our testing, please call 409-898-4005.
  • When should I have an ultrasound performed?
    Professionals recommend an ultrasound after receiving a positive pregnancy test result. After you complete a pregnancy test at our facility, we can provide free limited ultrasounds based on criteria determined by our medical staff. Our limited ultrasounds verify the following: intrauterine pregnancy (confirm that the pregnancy is inside the uterus) gestational age (use measurements to more accurately describe the age of your pregnancy) estimated due date (use measurements to find a more precise due date) heart rate (measure the fetal heart rate) If you want to speak with a Medical Professional about our ultrasound services, please call 409-898-4005.
  • Who will perform my ultrasound?
    Our Medical Professionals on staff are certified to perform the limited ultrasound exams that we offer. In addition, we have a licensed physician (or medical doctor, M.D.) who serves as our Medical Director providing the standing order for examinations and a licensed radiologist reviewing and signing off on all ultrasound reports. Visit the staff page to meet our Medical Professional team!
  • What are the signs of an STI/STD?
    You are at risk. 1 in 2 sexually active adults contract an STI/STD before 25. The symptoms of an STI are different depending on the infection. Many STIs do not cause noticeable symptoms, so the only way to know if you have an STI is to get tested. You can get an STI from having sex with someone who has no symptoms. Like you, that person might not even know they have an STI. Some possible signs of an STI include the following: Pain/burning when you urinate or have sex. Discharge from the vagina, penis, anus, or throat. Unexplained rash or lesion in the genital area. If you are experiencing severe symptoms, visit an emergency room or urgent care facility. If you would like to speak with a Medical Professional about your symptoms or possible STI/STD, please call 409-898-4005.
  • What STIs/STDs do you test for and treat?
    Our Medical Professionals test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis C, and HIV via blood and urine samples. Baptist Hospital and the CDD process your samples through their labs. You will receive your results in our clinic one week after testing. Should your test return positive, some treatments will be administered on-site by our Medical Professionals; others may require a referral to a facility better equipped to treat you. To make an appointment for STI/STD testing, complete the appointment request form or call 409-898-4005.
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