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Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment for check-in processes. Please remember:

  • Do not urinate 1 hour before your appointment.

  • Be prepared to provide your medical history, including any previous pregnancies.

  • Bring a photo ID with you.

  • Complete the paperwork on both links that are texted to you before arriving at your appointment.


Expecting an ultrasound? Here's what you need to know:

  • We cannot guarantee an ultrasound. 

  • Factors that determine an ultrasound include:

    • the first date of your last period​

    • pregnancy test results at our clinic

    • any prenatal care

    • active bleeding or cramping that is similar to or worse than a period

    • history of irregular cycles

    • impending miscarriage

    • available ultrasound staff

  • All of these factors and our protocol will be discussed and reviewed with you by our medical staff. If you are determined to be a qualifying candidate, a medical professional will make you aware of your eligibility.

  • If you qualify for an ultrasound, we may be able to scan you on the same day as your pregnancy testing appointment. We will let you know when you come in for your appointment whether or not we can do this. If we cannot do so, we will schedule you to come back when you are further along or when we have staff available.

  • During your pregnancy testing appointment, you will be informed if you do not qualify for an ultrasound for a reason other than the first date of your last period or available staff. We will discuss with you the reasons you don't qualify.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Bottoms (pants, shorts, skirt, etc.) are best, but please wear undergarments if you wear a dress.

Please call our office at 409-898-4005 before your appointment with any questions about this information. Thank you, and we look forward to the opportunity to care for you!


Have more questions about your appointment?

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