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How do I tell my parents I'm pregnant?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Telling your parents about an unexpected pregnancy can cause a lot of anxiety. How do I break the news? What will I do with a baby? What if they kick me out? It's important to remember that your parents might be in the best position to help you handle future challenges surrounding your pregnancy. These tips can help you start a conversation with them about your situation.

Privacy and Attention

Have the conversation when you have enough time to take it slow. Choose a time when you won't feel rushed or anxious about wrapping up the conversation. It will take time.

Tell them you have to talk about something serious and ask them not to interrupt until you finish what you need to say.

Honesty will be complex. Be upfront and tell your parents exactly what you mean. For example, "I recently found out I am pregnant. I wanted to tell you because I am going to need your help."

Starting the Conversation

Begin the conversation with maturity. You are in a challenging situation, and facing it with maturity will help in the future.

Avoid arguing by keeping your tone calm. You will likely encounter anger or frustration from your parents but don't match their tone.

Talk with your parents about your plans for your situation. Are you considering adoption? Have you thought about where you will live? Will the father of the baby be involved? What rules and boundaries need to be set in place? Do you want or need to rely on them for support?

Their Reaction

Parents want their children to be successful and happy. This news may cause some anger, sadness, or frustration, but hang in there! The love that spurs those negative feelings will likely be there to support you in the future!

Give your parents some time to absorb all this new information. Keep in mind that your parents might not have even known you are sexually active. Remember how shocked you were when you found out? They will feel shocked too!

What if they kick me out? They will likely react with anger and shock, but they will understand that they need to help and support you with time. If not, there are many services and options to assist you while you figure this out!

Make an appointment with us to discuss talking to your parents and what to do next.

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